The Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu

Narita is the melting pot of culture and historical preservation. The city offers a modern insight as well as the aforementioned but one thing for sure you won’t regret the time you spend here. Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu is the place to go to if you are planning on booking a hotel to stay at. Located not more than 15 minutes from the airport you can find your way to the hotel easily with either a cab, the airport shuttle or by a hotel chauffeur. As well as being strategically located they offer terrific interior designs throughout the hotel. This you can see from the images posted on their page.

For sightseeing options you can visit the Shinshoji Temple not more than 15 minutes away from the Narita Excel Hotel of Tokyu. Here you will gather with hundreds of other tourists as well as locals who come there every day. The Aeronautical Museum is also not too far from the hotel. Here you will see the development of the Japanese Aeronautical science and what it has contributed to one of the most leading countries of the world. The Japanese history can be seen at the National Museum 40 minutes from the accommodation. These places are only some out of the many options that are in Narita.

The Narita Excel Hotel offers up to 500 rooms and free Wi-Fi access in all rooms. This will allow you to connect to the internet anytime of the day and from any spot in the hotel. With 89% of satisfaction rate from former visitors and guests you will not be weighed down. Book your hotel online and reserve the best room they have to accommodate your stay. As easy as a click your rooms will be ready for you as soon as you arrive.

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