Xian Private Day Tours without Shopping Stops

Xian private day tours allow you to enjoy various cultural relics, including the Terracotta Warriors without disturbance from others. You will feel comfortable to visit several attractions and create great memory just for you and anybody who come with you to Xian. Nonetheless, you need to careful when choosing the tour package. Be sure the tour not consist shopping stop without your approval.

The common trap from a tour is that you must have one or more stops on souvenir shop, factories, or anything that not only wastes your time but also waste your energy if it not wastes your money. Especially, when you want to have 1 day xian tour, you need to ensure the tour is effective and efficient. Without shopping stops, in one day, you can enjoy Terracotta Warriors and one or two other attractions. Of course, there is no prohibition for you to shop. If you want to shop, you can shop but do not let the tour force you to shop.

For unique tour with local Xianer without shopping shops, you can visit www.xiantrips.com. They will happily help you to arrange your trip to Xian to enjoy various attractions as you wish. They ensure that they will not force you to have a stop for shopping.

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